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    Mourinho saw his team Jiugong, let his team back to some, he is seen by the Italy international Milan “catenaccio”, such a defense for Barcelona that is good at the ball at the opponent’s team mobilization effect is not very good, but for Real Madrid this pursuit team actually attack efficiency very effective, now.
    ………..The bait the hook!
    Sure enough, 43 minutes, Benzema received a shizaibide solo opportunities, in the face of Cesar when he is not good at left will pick the ball out, but his move was Lucio at the goal line with the head to the top of the back.
    Lucio headed out, Cordoba he kicked the ball directly to the left wing of horse tower foot, speedy Juan Matta from midline started a way forward to gallop, a continuous breaking Gonzalo Higuain, Mesut Ozil on the left wing, close to the bottom line with a curve ball when he steered clear of Ramos the ball was sent to the post before the Royal madrid.
    The ball flew over time, Real Madrid defender Pepe had to rush to him, but he is not the ball away, but is stopped by the body behind the Balotelli, so that Casillas will direct the ball catch.
    Pepe’s plan was right, but.
    ………..He has made the wrong calculation of the lateral distance between himself and Casillas!
    Also judged him called “Italy’s first child prodigy” Balotelli physical quality how well!
    More look down upon this season in 45 games, scored 47 goals for the goal of “super Mario” has a sharp intuition!
    Barot using left a bar Pepe, body right traversing a stride, his left foot forward to poke out, then he used his great legs before Casillas hands away from the ball more than 10 cm when used outside of his left foot touched the ball!
    Although Balotelli was only lightly touched the ball, but the ball route for a change, Casillas couldn’t get the ball, but the ball flight path is to in turn, hit his elbow after homeopathic bomb into the goal.
    After the goal, Balotelli also admitted to foot and Casillas hit it, but he is very clear the ball completely without any problems, get up to roar toward Bernabeu in the stadium stands a small black.
    “This…………This…………”The narrator does not know what to say, the final hold back did said: “this is really weird!We performed nine shots but failed to score a goal in the

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