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    I was reminded today by Fringe Reception of a post that I had made in a couple of my other forums, so I wanted to copy it here for the staff to see as well:
    Hey guys and girls,
    I’ve had discussions with several of you before on what we can do to improve our search engine results….and figured I’d start a new thread here for further discussion.

    I want to mention that, I am NOT the authority on search engine optimization. The tips I offer are only based on experience from the past 4-5 years on web design and seminars that I’ve attended. Please feel free to question or add anything you feel would help out with this thread.

    1. Title threads according to your subject – This is one of the most important aspects of ranking well in search engines.

    – If we title our threads like “Help” instead of “Help with Internet TV”, the odds of getting indexed into a search engine for a discussion on help for Internet TV will not be as great. If your aim is to improve search ranking for a search like “Roku is Cool”, title the thread with those terms within the title.

    – If you’re copying and pasting an article, retitle the article in your own words. Google does not like copied content, but WE do because we get to comment on those articles. The original post may not provide value to search engines but our comments underneath it will, and making sure we use an original title will help with search engine rankings.

    2. Provide original content as answers on the forum – This should always be done, but if we are taking information from outside sources (copying and pasting), make sure to provide a link on on the post or thread, as we would appreciate and expect any other website to do that for us as well.

    3. Stay on topic – This is a difficult one to do, but it is important that we try to remain on topic with all posts, otherwise search engines will begin devaluing a thread for key search terms and valuing the off topic content more. At the same time, I don’t want to stop a discussion in its tracks if members are enjoying chitchatting….just keep it in the back of your mind that if you feel like going off topic, start a new thread and link to it in the original thread saying you want to continue the discussion here:

    4. Links from other websites are how Google determines value for our website – The whole basis on how Google crawls websites and determines their placement in search engines is by links from other websites. Content, keywords, and search engine optimization are just as valuable too, but links or references from outside sources play a big part in ranking well. In terms of the kind of value we can receive for links:

    – The rank of the website linking to us is important. We receive more value for news organizations, websites who are authorities on their niche, and government websites. These are toughest to get, but when we do get links, they’re huge for our search engine rankings.

    – The anchor terms that outside websites use for linking to us are just as important in determining our search engine result placement. Getting a link to us titled, “Underwater basket weaving internettvforums” will help us rank well for that key search term, just as receiving anchor term links for “internet tv forums” and other terms as well.



    I don’t have anything to add to this, but it is good to know how that works.
    Great post Jay !

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