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    Chen Chao went to the side, Searl, the old guy and a face that came up: “Chen, we fight back, I could win the match?Don’t let the opponents to seize the opportunity to score a goal, the first half we efforts were in vain!”
    Well — —
    Chen Chao had turned a supercilious look to Searl syron, this old guy is really too timid, too cautious, too appearing nervous in public, just forty-five minutes of Benfica is kept, and who would dare to guarantee the next forty-five minutes can hold?
    It is the “Red Devils” United, their team in the master set, as long as they play out of the state, may not use a second to seckill Benfica!
    The first half of Manchester United’s personal breakthrough, dribbling are rarely, this is clearly worried about their players may get hurt, but in the second half, if Manchester United want to win at it, they cannot take the placement shot opportunity, so it is not without rivals Benfica now desperately.
    In the light of stadium bleachers, Benfica fans in the first half of the race there were many discussions., Benfica was only the two time long-range opportunities, simply failed to show them in the domestic arena that meets the kill the Buddha’s momentum, but if you consider that the team now faced the England super overlord Manchester United, then the first half 0:0 score is very praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct.
    Sitting in the fixed room Benfica, President Vieira, it was all smiles, he always had to choose Chen Chao instead of Searl, felt excited, despite a Portugal national Debbie didn’t win, but he saw a bright future, but now he is actively through their own the ability for Chen Chao began coaching qualifications, he has made the plan, but Chen Chao got the certificate, began operation push him on Benfica coach position.
    At the moment the game, although the home of Benfica has always been united pressing play, but Vieira can eat with appetite, he can imagine the team coach group why playing this game, that is because only such kick, his team had a chance to gain a victory, the defense has done so well, the counter be far behind?
    As Vieira expected, the start of second half of the match, Manchester United conscious convergence to Benfica enough to counter-attack, and Benfica several offensive players strength is weak, their luck is really very good!
    62 minutes into the game, Petit in the back when, from the ring with a straight ball to the front of the Tiago.
    Previously Tiago love from the middle of dart and long shots, but this time he did not, he waited for Ferdinand to push up, suddenly left front mind to send a line straight biography, left-sided Ximang speed hard to eat Gary Neville into the penalty box, right after a lobbed pass the ball will be sent to the back post near.
    At this time, Benfica in attack on delicate will play role, left Giovanni in Ximang ball came to pull out, right winger Miguel has rushed in, two individuals between transposition, the Manchester United

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