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    Here’s the Simple.TV DVR


    Marketed as another tool for cord-cutting, the Simple.TV DVR is able to record over-the-air television like a Tivo unit, for less money.

    It goes on sale in a couple of months with a price tag of $149 and $5 a month to use the DVR. It has a single-tuner with 1080p high definition capability.

    Screen shots of’s HTML5 app in action can be viewed here:

    A first look at’s HTML5 app — Online Video News



    I listened to a podcast a couple of days ago where Tom Merritt was describing his set-up experience with SimpleTV. It was pretty bad. It requires an Internet connection to set up and it failed constantly at various points in the process. It took him about five hours of continuous attempts to get to the point where it was set up for use.

    When asked how the user Interface and other operational aspects were, he said that it is VERY slow. Channel changes take quite a long time because it applies a significant buffer for live television before it will show you anything. He was asked if it compared to digital cable boxes and the lag they have. He said no. This is a really long wait for something to happen. He noted that when you arrive on a channel and it finally begins showing video, the video begins as very poor quality (he equated it to streaming video from years ago) and then eventually ramps up to high definition.

    He noted that this is something you will not be able to channel surf with due to the exceptional slowness of the channel changes and buffering.

    He found that streaming recorded content to browsers was good but streaming to the Roku app was poor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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