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    Is one of the screensaver FREE channels on Roku.
    The information for it is located at…
    Channel Store | Roku Streaming Player

    I was only aware of one “input” for the Roku3, that being the USB Flash Drive input for pictures. Is that where one would input the Camera, and what else besides the Camera would be needed to get that going as a Security Camera, if possible ?




    As far as i know you will need a webcam, that is wirelessly or cable connected to your ethernet home network.

    This way, there is no direct physical connection between the camera and your Roku 3. :)



    GREAT !, I was dreading running cable, and wondered how that little thing had enough power to operate a Camera. :rolleyes:

    I have a couple more questions, mainly preparing for which Camera/System to select…

    Does the Roku Screensaver app* allow more than one Camera ?
    If it’s WiFi, then one could view the Camera(s) on his Computer as well ?

    * = If I had anything to do with changing Roku in any way, it would be in having them give more detailed information about the things they offer. It’s really pathetic now briefly/inadequately they describe their services on their website.



    If you can or not view the camera on the PC, that depends of course on the camera.

    The Roku is not to be modified except for the download of the Screensaver / Camera App.

    I’m afraid you must get more info from de developer of this App, before deciding on what camera to buy. :)




    A bit more info on this Channel.
    Not all Cams are applicable, Webcam must be able to do .jpg’s, read more about criteria here…
    WebCam for Roku – WebCam Links



    Thanks for the info. :)

    I think a friend of mine is using that chennel with a Webcam.

    I will check a try to get some info from his experience.



    Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

    I just researched several WebCams (via Microcenter) ranging from $10-$100, and none of them (in their specs) said that they did .jpg. Only gave their resolution and required RAM, which brings up another question…
    I’ve installed a 32MB MicroSD Chip (in my Roku3) already, and that’s a long way (less) than the quoted GB’s of RAM required for the Cams I viewed.
    This is getting pretty confusing, my Computer of course can handle the requirements for those Cams, so, does the Roku talk to my Computer via my Wifi ?

    Hang on just a minute…
    I was assuming that you plugged the WebCam into the Roku via it’s USB, is that right, or does the Roku link back to my Computer via WiFi and the Cam is plugged into my Computer ????

    This is just a quick Ref to see specs on the Cams…

    As a second thought…
    I’m going to try to Chat with the Roku Techs, will get back with what they say…
    I see that I’m #14 in the quere…this may take a while…



    Ok, WRONG previous link to the Camera type !!!

    The previous link was to Cameras which were not the “ip” type. THIS is the correct link to the correct type camera…
    ip cameras : Micro Center
    Sorry about continuing to give you links to MicroCenter, but, that’s my favorite place to get stuff like this.

    Anyway, the Camera feeds to your local Network link back to your Computer, and the Roku links to that, via the WebCam-1 software.

    After viewing the Camera selection, I see that they range from $50-$300.
    Ummmm…. Let me think about how badly I want to go with this system 😮

    Other info…
    As long as your Computer is capable as per the Camera Mfg requirements, then you’re ok there.
    The stream is local, so, if you don’t give your Network access to someone, they can’t see the Camera(s)

    I presume (given the Camera Software) that one may stream the Camera onto the Internet ?
    Not sure just how that works, but, I know that it can be done somehow.

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