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    Just having gotten my Roku 3 box, there’s a LOT I don’t know about it yet.

    I understand how the Video Channels work, but have questions about how to select the Music “channels”. First one I came upon was Pandora, and it wouldn’t let me view what content it had, unless I went online, which I did. Problem with that, it and the other Channels I viewed online, is that none (I didn’t look at all of them) said what exactly their content was. The online descriptions are really vague.

    I suppose what I’m asking is…
    Are there Channels which have Music, like in Radio, or is it strictly pre-recorded, like Albums ?

    I’d like to select a Channel, which had Bluegrass Music in a Radio Format, where I wouldn’t have to return to the Box, and select something to continue listening (ie: it would just keep going). But, I’d reluctantly settle for one that had Bluegrass in Album Format.

    I guess what I’m asking for is, if someone knows if there is a/any Channels which have/feature Bluegrass Music ?
    (Ok, I admit I’m lazy and don’t want to have to download a bunch of channels to find one or two :o)

    I just don’t understand (or haven’t found it yet) where they list their content like “Rock and Roll”, then “Western”, like that. like the Video Channels do with their “genre” of content.

    PS: I hope this is the right Forum for this type question, and
    Pandora does have it where you can select Genre/Type, but, is only in Album format.

    Roku Music Channel Ref:!browse/music/by-popular




    Lets use Pandora and MOG as examples.

    I created my Pandora account a long ago, and i stream from Pandora to my PC but mostly to a few Logitech Radios and my iPhone.

    Did the same with MOG.

    The music streaming solutions available are quite different from each other.


    – You create one or several “Radios”, seeding them with the names of a few music performers;

    – Pandora generates a music stream based on your choices, including but not limited to the seeding performers;

    – You can influence and fine tune the music stream in the future, giving a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, if you wish when you are listening;

    – Pandora “adjusts” the stream acording to your choices;

    – You may skip a few songs every hour depending on you plan;


    – You may search MOG’s database for the songs you pretend, and play them on demand;

    – You may download the songs (or entire albums) you want to your iPhone / iPod / iPad to listen when you dont have an internet connection;

    – The highest bit rate is 320 kbps;

    There are other solutions available, but these are the ones i use.

    For instance, Rdio is very similar to MOG.

    MOG / Rdio / Rhapsody / Spotify have most of the music you can think of, available for immediate on demand play.

    Pandora is my option when i want “someone” to choose something to play for me.

    I think you should look for the available options throught a few searches through Google.

    Try them at the PC level before commiting.

    For those of us with a few iPhones / iPods running in the family, MOG has a few advantages over the competition. ;)




    Thank you for a very informative reply…

    I will pursue a Google search as time permits, but to restate my original question…

    So you are unaware of any of the Roku/Music Channels, that have a Radio Format, like a monolog by someone live, to introduce the Music selections..
    is that correct ?



    Yes, as far as i know, the dedicated streaming solutions dont have the format you want.

    Of course you can get on Roku an app like TuneIn Radio, here:

    TuneIn Radio Roku Channel

    But in this case you are just getting your (local) radio stations, in streamed format, you can get the same contents with a standard AM/FM radio.




    Thanks, I’ll try that.



    Interesting, most people use streaming to get away from the DJs and commercials. This appears to be a request for just the opposite :)



    HA yea, but I have listened to some (forgot who) Stations, which gave some history of the origin of the Song being played, the Bands and Musicians and how they came together. Things that are interesting about the genre, NOT the commercials. I’m hoping that somewhere there is a format like that, which is available. As stated, Pandora does Albums only, no commentary or even text related to them, and that is as good as I can find…for now. :D

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