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    Live Online Television/Channels?

    I have just arrived internet lagged after a stressful past week trying to find the right kind of service for me.

    What it is I recently cut my UK bill from £75 to £0 so the movies went, the sports went, the HD pack went. This is not about money I am just sick to death of SKY so I decided to cut it all off.

    I have been an avid PC user since say 2001 and spent a lot of my time on the PC, so I felt it was time for a change and look into internet TV. I will be truthful and say all I have done for the past 4-5 years is download in HD. I just don’t really use my TV too much as I’m on the PC all the time and I downloaded many of my programmes 1 hour after it aired in the US.

    I am tired of downloading TV-Series in HD and I cut my SKY bill completely. I don’t really want to use sites like Hulu, Netflix etc as I don’t want to watch everything there is to watch. What I want to do is find an internet TV service.

    I was using Liveonlinefooty years ago and then FlashSportStreams the latter seems to have been taken down. They both had an interesting lineup of sports and entertainment channels. I have recently signed up to Futubox Beta, it’s not great to be honest, as it lacks the channels I would actually watch.

    So I was wondering if there are any services online to compensate losing SKY? I can’t see any of them being free, but if I can watch SKY Sports, SKY Movies, SKY One, SKY Atlantic etc online live it would be pretty good. I was also interested in having a lineup of American/USA TV channels too. Maybe separately as I doubt there is a service that would offer both on the same lineup. It’s something that interests me. Why download when I can watch them live is my point? I have been looking around and found that the public streams are just not up to standard and unreliable. The services that claim to have 3500 HD channels are just free streams that can be found on the internet so it’s not worth my time paying for that.

    I’m just hoping you guys can help me find a service free or subscription based that can offer me a package of UK or US TV live in good quality? I did find American TV 2 Go but that’s really expensive although the quality is pretty sweet. As I’m up very late most days of the week due to work shifts I’m wide awake for the primetime television in the USA. I am in the UK. So a service like that really does interest me as I regularly find myself watching all the top TV shows from the States. But then coming back to the UK television I like the premium channels such as the ones I said above. It would just be great if I could find something online that has the quality as well as the channel lineup so I can watch it on my PC. I have tried to watch the free streams on the internet but the quality is just too poor for me to keep the interest.

    Please reply and thanks in advance




    Hi! :)

    As far as i know, there is no real replacement to Sky Sports. The best solution is to take a trip to the pub, and have a few pints …

    For the rest:

    Using “Freeview”, with a one time investment on a sat receiver, you have access to more than 50 generic channels, some in HD.

    This way you will have all of the BBC and ITV, and as i said some in HD.

    Regarding movies and TV series:

    You can buy an Apple TV or Roku box.

    With any of these and the right subscriptions, you can have acces to lost of movies and Tv series, with a small monthly payment.

    Also, you can rent movies, at iTunes or Amazon.



    Thank you for the response.

    Funnily enough I was looking at the Apple TV generation 3 just a week ago. I heard there was a live TV channel listing with is it XBMC or something? Cracked service though. Not sure I want to go down that route.

    As for the SKY Sports I may have to settle for the free streams for now then. I’m hopeful that Futubox Beta adds them all to it’s lineup in the next week. That service only has SKY Sports 1 HD so far. If it adds the lineup it’s meant to be adding it’s worth the £6.50 in my mind, but it’s all speculation with all the polls. I don’t know what’s happening with that so I’m on the look out for alternatives.

    I still have my SKY HD Box. When you cancel SKY they don’t seem to take boxes away anymore. I still have access to the freeview channels I just can’t use the SKY + functionality. Suits me fine as all I ever did when I did watch TV was either watch Sopranos or Game Of Thrones on SKY Atlantic or watch SKY Sports and maybe the odd SKY Movie when I was bored.

    After doing some reading on this forum and many other forums I may just rent a private Slingbox from the USA and get their selection of TV channels to watch on the computer as they seem to have packages available, not entirely sure how legal this is though but I would be paying a subscription per month so it doesn’t worry me too much.

    I may even rent a Slingbox and buy a Apple TV box and link them together when I have family round. Again I don’t know if that works, it’s just come to mind as I was writing this. Can’t be having family/friends sat around a 23 inch monitor watching whatever sports are on the my PC with whatever service I use. Can the Apple TV Generation 3 link up to a Slingbox? I wouldn’t actually have the Slingbox I would just be renting it and probably have my service through the player itself. It might be something worth having if I can use a remote control and the TV when family do come around. I don’t know how all that works though. Me personally PC screen with Internet TV.



    Its excellent news that you already have “Freview” without any extra investment. :)

    “Solutions” like using XBMC on an Apple TV, only works with a “jailbroken” Apple TV, and as far as i know its only available for the Apple TV 2, not for the current Apple TV 3.

    Until you test other solutions, i think “jailbraking” its not the way to go.

    For a start, perhaps an Apple TV or a Roku box, and Netflix and Hulu + ?

    You cant connect a Slingbox directly to an Applet TV or Roku box.

    To do that, you need a piece of hardware that “unprotects” the video stream at the box HDMI output, and also converts HDMI to component.

    Its readilly available in the UK, but expensive.

    If you wish you can google 3dfury.



    That’s me rushing into things again :).

    I am set for a live demo of Slingbox later this evening so I will see how that works out.

    If all else fails I may admit defeat and just accept that Netflix and Hulu are my best options, but for the timebeing I’m hopeful I can find a quality service however expensive it may turn out to be. It seems my best options for live television is by these Slingbox’s, and to get it working with a box without pratting about I’m supposed to go with a Boxee Box or a WD TV box to play with Slingplayer so I can use a remote/TV when my family or friends turn up. I will stick with Futubox Beta and also test this Premier DirecTV package out online.

    But thanks for the response as I was almost about to buy a Apple TV believing it would work with the Slingplayer without any hassle as you stated.

    This may turn out to be pretty expensive getting internet TV as I’m finding out but if it means I can watch it on the internet I’m prepared to go forward with it.




    I think the investment on a 3dfury is too high, just to be able to stream from an Apple TV.

    It makes more sense, if you want to stream a remotelly control a sat box …

    Its cheaper to buy another Apple TV to take with you, and a 4G pen and router.

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