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    Searl, the Spanish man began to frown, he and Camacho is a Spanish football, in fact there are two styles, one is similar to Barcelona such control style, another is the Camacho of this people adhere to the passion play, the Royal Ma De playing football also belong to this species, two people who see who is not pleasing to the eye, each other on newspaper media attack each other things often happen, only in recent years with the Spanish national team control style of maturity, as well as the 2008 European championship success, Spanish football also seems to have only one voice, that is from Barcelona on transplantation over the control style, this also lets Searl in Barcelona is not pleasing to the eyes.
    Pepe don’t worry.
    Chen Chao looked at the angry Searl syron, could not help but laugh: “Barcelona in the power savings, we did not wait for a chance?And.In this game you really think we can in ninety minutes the battle?”
    Searl, surprised to see Chen Chao: “how?Chen, you won’t think that this game we have to play in overtime?Or is it.
    ………..The penalty shoot-out?”
    Chen Chao ha laughs: “nothing really can not, as long as the final to win the game, he is ninety minutes or one hundred and twenty minutes?He is it right? With a penalty to win the opponent?”
    Searl, thought on no longer speaks, he felt Chen Chao was right, now the Barcelona physical fitness problems have been exposed, the international Milan side but without any problems, as long as the international Milan could play, estimated to extra-time Barcelona on hold, even if Guardiola had three substitutes will be of no avail, after all the international Milan here also have three substitutes!
    Chen Chao and Searl, nor is good, Barcelona side of the players is caved, Guardiola has used the youngster Bojan and Romero for Henry and Pedro, and he let Romero played midfielder, is also Barcelona’s formation in four four one one, in addition to a Yang at the top of the front only behind him Messi threats, but even so, when Chen Chao praises the race horse for Milito, Barcelona is also gradually could not withstand the international Milan’s offense, eyes stared at ninety minutes to the end of the game, everyone can see, international Milan has dominated the game initiative, Barcelona the ball also has not let them again to attack the opponent, estimated game went to extra-time winner to be.
    “International Milan’s fitness is really wonderful ah, the game has been played almost ninety minutes, seems to be out of veteran Milito fitness is not supported, even Lucio, Cordoba such veteran also without any physical problems.

    “Chen does physical training has unique skills, he led the each team will have good physical fitness, and the season more is late, they in the physical aspects of the dominant position is larger, this

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