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    I got my roll-out email today for NimbleTV. I see the regular domain resolves to the teaser page but you can get to the service page at:

    If I counted the channel list correctly, it shows 177 channels. It is split across regular and premium channels and the premium channels are HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. The regular channels are what you would expect from the top tier of any cable system, which include broadcast network channels.

    At this time they provide US content only and the only selection is currently New York.

    In their initial information, they said you would select a provider, subscribe and they would surcharge that service for their own IPTV transit fees. The only provider currently is Dish Network.

    There are three tiers (Dish Welcome, America, Top 200) and two DVR capacities (20 hour and 90 hour) available.

    The tiers fees (20/90:

    Welcome – “50+ channels”
    $29.98/mo / $34.98/mo

    America – “80+ channels”
    $49.98/mo / $54.98/mo

    Top 200 – “130+ channels”
    $74.98/mo / $79.98/mo

    They make note that there are no simultaneous recording limits. They state that you can elect to record all the channels at the same time. You are only limited by your DVR capacity.

    Showtime, Cinemax and Starz are all $13.00/monthly. HBO is $18.00/month

    Combinations are:
    Buy 2 for $26/mo
    Buy 3 for $35/mo
    Buy 4 for $45/mo

    If you’re getting low on DVR hours, you can add:

    10 for $0.99 /month
    65 for $4.99 /month
    140 for $9.99 /month
    300 for $19.99 /month
    or custom hours at $0.07 per hour (you must order more than 300 hours)

    I have ordered the America 20 hr package ($29.98) to see how it is. The coupon code SAVENOW provides for a second month credit.

    An awful lot of people has clamored for a full blown IPTV provider. It certainly appear than NimbleTV is making the effort.

    It should be noted that there are no minimum contract periods. Packages may be changed or cancelled at will. The Welcome plan does note that it’s for first time Dish subscribers only. I don’t know if you switch out of that plan if you can return to it.

    They are taking the Aereo approach in that everything is done from a browser. All major browsers are supported. They list the AppleTV but that is apparently via Airplay. Roku is not listed.

    I will let you know how it does.



    Ok. Lets try it!



    Last night’s stream was not impressive. I don’t know if they’re having roll-out pains but it was macroblocking and I had one pop-up of “stream interrupted – invalid bitrate.) Later on I had an in-screen slate of oops – we are unable to provide this channel at this time.

    I compared the same New York station and Aereo was much higher quality.

    I can also say that the programming carrier (Dish Network) has full knowledge of what they are doing. I initially had a problem where I couldn’t stream anything because it said the account was being set up and I would not be able to view channels until the authorization was complete. About 90 minutes later the process was finished and I could view all of the channels.

    As to the carrier, you are established with a legitimate Dish Network account. I took a look at my card today and the service fee is divided up. There is one charge from NimbleTV and another from Dish Network. So, they have full knowledge of who is subscribing and there is full legitimacy to the process.

    I’m wondering how this will go in other countries. I want a Canadian subscription and Bell ExpressVu is very adamant about no US customers. If they find out that a subscriber is actually located in the US they will immediately kill the subscription. Shaw is a bit more relaxed about it but their terms of service technically don’t allow it.

    I also forgot to mention that their interface is not nearly as polished as Aereo. I frequently had the ‘player’ interface get stuck loading fully.



    Update from day 2. I have been watching recordings this evening. The stream quality is better tonight but there are, at times, noticeable video artifacts from minor to major.

    One thing that has been painfully obvious to me is that there is no skip or replay function on the player. Aereo’s player allows for 30 second skips and 10 second replay increments. It’s awkward to commercial skip. I also discovered that if you stop at any point in a show and come back to it, there is no function to restart from the last viewed point. That’s extremely inconvenient.

    I forgot to mention previously that NimbleTV is like Netflix in that it allows only one stream at a time. You can’t have multiple devices using the account simultaneously. It will put up a warning that another device is attempting to stream and if you wish to stop or continue.



    Just tried it.

    Found SD quality sideo, lots of artifacts at repeating periods. :(

    I think they still are at Beta …



    I think they’re trying to do a tiered rollout and are overrunning their capacity. Last night was reasonably decent during US eastern prime time.



    So, I contacted NimbleTV support last night saying that I haven’t been pleased with the service but couldn’t figure out how to cancel. I received a reply a short time ago saying that I have to email to request cancellation. Really? Their FAQ says that one may change or cancel service at any time. Apparently, any time means that you have to contact support to wait for a response the next day to be told you need to contact yet another department whose email address they don’t publish on their FAQ or otherwise on the website.

    What the mystery email address to make changes to your account? :)

    So, I guess I shall see how many exchanges of email with it takes to actually accomplish a service termination.

    It amazes me that there is no website-based automated change/cancellation system at NimbleTV. Apparently they thought that everyone would be so thrilled with NimbleTV that nobody could possibly want to cancel. {gasp}

    I replied to the support person and told her that if NimbleTV should add Canadian television to its offerings I would consider subscribing again but I didn’t appreciate paying a monthly subscription fee to be a beta tester for what is clearly a not ready for rollout service.



    Things will probably be better ina few months.

    But you are right, it doesnt make sense to pay, to be a beta tester … :(



    Right this minute they have yet another “we’re down for maintenance” message up. When that comes up, you can’t do anything on their streaming site. This happens relatively frequently and it’s 3:15 in the afternoon on the US east coast. Not exactly a maintenance period but more like a, “we’re down again.”



    I had not yet contacted the termination address but support passed along my information. They contacted me by email informing me that they are refunding all of my current charges and will be providing me with an additional month of service saying they hope they stabilize the system and provide a better experience.



    Its the right attitude.

    But i think that they can achieve better results doing what Aereo did: giving upfront 1 or 2 months of free trial, no strings attached.



    I agree. It’s good that they rectified the situation.

    I also agree that they should have taken the Aereo approach to offer a free period to gauge their quality and capacity. They’re concealing the rollout and staging the invitations. So, in theory, they should be controlling the capacity but they’re not doing a good job of it. They never should have charged for this period. They needed the free period to work out the bugs and create buzz about how good and responsive they are. I think they were far too ambitious and hopeful about their own service.

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