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    [ATTACH]49.vB[/ATTACH]I have young kids. Kids who not only watch Netflix on the Roku player, but the 6 year old is pretty darn good at finding her way around. This results in my recommendations being stuffed full of kiddie shows. While it can be pretty annoying, sometimes it results in me finding a gem I’d never see otherwise. (Hey, Netflix, how about adding multiple queues and a standalone “Netflix Kids” channel for Roku?)

    One of these gems is Oscar’s Oasis. Oscar’s Oasis is a series of short (seven minute) non verbal cartoons in the tradition of The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Produced by TeamTO and Tuba Entertainment, there are currently 78 episodes. Oscar’s Oasis can be viewed on the Nintendo 3DS (in 3D!) in Australia and Europe. In Latin America and Brazil, Oscar’s Oasis airs on Cartoon Network Latin America. As is much too usual these days, Oscar airs not at all on American TV.

    In the USA, we have just 32 episodes available on Netflix, grouped into eight sets of four episodes. After watching these episodes and finding myself completely addicted, I found that most episodes are also on YouTube, where the show’s seven minute episodes fall well under the YouTube maximum file time limit of 15 minutes. Unfortunately, YouTube (aka Google) doesn’t currently allow Roku users to watch YouTube. However, if you have PlayOn, you can add episodes to your favorites and watch them on your Roku later.

    Oscar is a lizard living in the desert. A highway runs thru the area, and it is used by various trucks. Garbage litters the desert, and the characters are constantly finding different items for their amusement. Oscar is usually searching for water or food. Oscar likes to eat flies, and eggs that he tries to steal for from some chickens nearby. A trio of unusual friends live there too: Popy – a fox, Buck – a vulture, and Harchi – a hyena. They all live inside an abandoned school bus, while Oscar seems to have no home.

    The main characters:

    • Oscar – Oscar is the main character, a lizard that is always getting into trouble with his antagonists – Popy, Buck, and Harchi, and the chickens. Oscar is always trying to find food (flies) and water, but most of the time things don’t turn out well for Oscar. Whenever he has something interesting, Popy, Buck, and Harchi try to take it from him.
    • Popy – a fox, she seems to be the leader of Oscar’s trio of antagonists, the one who gives the orders.
    • Buck – a somewhat nerdy vulture. He enjoys when Harchi gets in trouble with Popy.
    • Harchi – a hyena, the idiot and the muscle. He usually is the one pushing the makeshift cart that he and his friends chase Oscar or the chickens with.

    Other minor characters weaving in and out of the episodes include Manalo, a truck driver, and his dog Roco, and of course the chickens.

    Here is POP (UK) – Oscar’s Oasis Starting Saturday Promo – 2011, as posted on YouTube:


    After watching the first episodes available on Netflix, you can search for additional episodes at you tube by searching for “Oscar’s Oasis” and the episode name. All current episodes are listed below:

    1. Bad Trip
    2. Egg Race
    3. Finding Water
    4. Baby Doll
    5. Falling in Love
    6. The Fly
    7. Hot Dog Way of Life
    8. Walking on the Moon
    9. Chicken Charmer
    10. Oasis cup
    11. Home Sweet Home
    12. Road Runners
    13. Top Gun
    14. Beach Dream
    15. Blueberry
    16. Meerkat Blues
    17. Parasol, Parabole and Satellite Dish
    18. Barbecue Party
    19. Pronto Express
    20. Junior!
    21. Strike!
    22. Cuckoo Horn
    23. Fly Force One
    24. The Great Escape
    25. Rock a Bye Booboo
    26. Fluff the Magic Lizard
    27. Lost
    28. Forbidden Zone
    29. Chicken Ace
    30. Lizard : wanted
    31. Yummi Oscar
    32. Mom in Spit of Himself
    33. Corn to be Wild
    34. Amazing Chicken
    35. Power of Love
    36. Seventh Heaven
    37. Pineapple Chase
    38. Sweet Smell Of Success
    39. Food Chain
    40. Barrel Story
    41. Egg Over Easy
    42. Forbidden Paradise
    43. Scam Sandwich
    44. Get Out of It
    45. Winning Ticket
    46. Collector Mania
    47. Lucked Out
    48. Firefly Flash
    49. GodLizard Returns
    50. My Bodyguard
    51. Touching Bottom
    52. Sound Bites
    53. Black Run
    54. One For All
    55. Frost Bitten
    56. Day of the Chicken
    57. The Unexpected Hero
    58. Busy Day
    59. Lizard in the Sky
    60. Hiccup and Away
    61. Bad Seed
    62. Smells Like Trouble
    63. Leader of the Pack
    64. Momma Croc
    65. Toothbrush Tussel
    66. Radio Active
    67. Sweet Heart
    68. Golf Club
    69. A Manolo’s Best Friend
    70. Revenge of the Small Fry
    71. He’s got Rhythm
    72. Roco’s Treasure
    73. Follyball
    74. Down In The Dumps
    75. Witness The Fitness
    76. Hunt for Red Hot Chilli Pepper
    77. For a Fistful of Corn
    78. Picture Perfect

    Oscar’s Oasis is well written and well animated, and brings the humor of the old Loony Tunes cartoons back to your TV.
    I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.



    Update, 9/23/2012:

    Bad news:
    Any episodes posted on YouTube are being taken down very quickly for copyright violation.

    Good news:
    Netflix has added new episodes!

    Also, I’ve looked around and have been unable to locate Oscar’s Oasis on DVD / BluRay.



    Awesome! Thanks for the review!



    A road operates thru the place, and it is used by various pickups. Rubbish litters the wasteland, and the figures are regularly discovering different products for their entertainment. Oscar is usually looking for water or meals. Oscar prefers to eat goes, and egg that he tries to grab for from some poultry close by.

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