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    For the Chen Chao players in the physical quality training ability of Cordoba, two this years could see it clearly, more is to the late season, inter Milan in the physical aspects of the advantage is more obvious now, since he says so, it himself in the international Milan to play two years and then directly to hang up his boots, would it not be more beautiful?
    “Good!Boss, I will listen to you, from the beginning of next season I’ll substitute and rotation, after two years if I in good condition I have to play another year, otherwise I just retired!However, the boss don’t you be a strength let me play the first press I ah, I also want to enjoy the game!”
    “Ha ha ha ha, Ivan, if the team needs you start it, must be run over you!”
    Listen to the Cordeaus Pakistan finally agreed to continue playing for the team, Chen Chao’s mood up, he knew that at least his team the next two seasons without the guard person head, and Traore this guy should be mature?
    Think of Traore, Chen Chao cried out: “yes, Evan, do you think Christian this boy?”
    Cordoba chuckling to Chen Chao out of the right hand thumb: “boss, I really admire your ability to train those little, Mario, O and Christian, their progress is really too obvious, Christian this guy just mature, should soon be playing on the main, again after two or three years, he would be our international Milan defence of an iron gate!I believe he is able to become the successor to Ferreira and me!”
    “Ivan, if you want the green field, I think you retired can also learn to be a football coach for next season, Javier and Francesco would be coaching the coach, I look as good as you go their way?”
    “Well, this is what I want to do!”Cordoba smiled and nodded: “I do not want to get back to South America, my life in Italy for eleven years, my family and I have been accustomed to here, so I want to stay.

    “Good!Since that, from next season, Ivan you charge with Traore training together, put your experience and technology are taught him now, I believe that this experience will help you to become a football coach, how?”
    “Yes, but…………Ivan ah, just like you said, Christian is a good young plant, so you must give me put him out to teach!Or can prove that you don’t have to do the coach’s potential, then you have more for the team several years before!”
    Cordoba’s first novel, then realized it was Chen Chao in and of themselves make fun of it, then with Chen Chao laughed.
    In June 6th, can accommodate eighty thousand spectators international Milan at the Meazza stadium all seats are occupied. The stand, turned into black, this has always been the international Milan, the common use of AC Milan Stadium today’s protagonist is only one.

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