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    Globalization has become fundamental to all sectors, including the healthcare industry. As people seek out the best possible care for the lowest possible prices, medical tourism has gained a lot of attention. “Medical tourism†is a relatively new buzzword that means affordable medical treatment coupled with quality care. In the literal sense, it means traveling to another country for the sake of receiving medical care.
    The main driving force behind the phenomenon is cost, but many other factors contribute to the final decision of those contemplating traveling to a foreign country to get treated. The industry continues to gain popularity and credibility, and more people are going abroad each year.
    When Did It Start,trx suspension trainer for sale?
    Though medical tourism started gaining popularity and recognition by the masses in the last decade or so, the practice of traveling for medical care dates back thousands of years. Epidauria (an ancient Greek city) was the first main medical tourism destination because it was said to be the home of the healing god, Asclepius.
    After that, the practice had been heavily embraced by the elite classes in Asia, who have been traveling to other countries in search of the best quality care for a number of decades. In the western hemisphere, Cuba became a hot destination for the upper class in Latin America,trx tactical force kit.
    Historically, this has not been driven by the need to save money, but rather to access top notch specialists and first class facilities,trx sale.
    Medical Tourism Today
    Westerners have only started heavily practicing medical tourism in the last decade or so. The main reason that North Americans and West Europeans have begun to go abroad, especially to Mexico and India, is due to the exorbitant prices of medical care found in their home countries. Simultaneous with the ever-bulging healthcare prices in the West is the rise in the quality of care abroad.
    Countries that formerly gained little to no recognition for being hubs of great medical care began to build excellent health care facilities and attract world class doctors. Rising economies such as India, Thailand and Mexico have become magnets for medical tourists seeking low cost medical procedures.
    A Deloitte report by Paul H Keckley and Howard R Underwood pegs the number of outbound American medical tourists at 15.75 million in 2017.
    What Can A Medical Tourist Expect?
    What a medical tourist should expect greatly depends on how much research he/she does prior to going abroad. While there are many great medical facilities around the world, there are also quite a few that lack in quality and deliver subpar medical treatment. Before going one should:
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    When finalizing a doctor and a medical facility, you should ask yourself:
    These are just a few questions you should ask yourself prior to committing to a medical tourism destination. It’s important to have the best possible trip while undergoing medical treatment.
    Author Bio: Dr. Deepika Garg – A dentist and internet enthusiast, helping patients find affordable eye surgeries like glaucoma treatment and?. With the help of medical tourism Mexico, patients can also avail low cost orthopedic surgeries, cardiac surgeries, dental treatments, and weight loss surgeries in various Mexican cities.
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