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    And I will also have the opportunity to Haneda this meeting?
    The next day, until late afternoon, we came to Bodh Gaya, and I have two day and night without sleep, also drove 900 miles the car, eyes can become the panda.
    Bodh Gaya is indeed the world Buddhist Center, different countries have built here own Buddhist temple in Japan, which, at most, even, Japan also pay for the plastic a huge Buddha mani Buddha images.
    China also has a temple in Bodh Gaya, opened the national Chinese temple not far, Aya commanded me in a lordly temple stop.
    “To?”I really could not support.
    “Here,New York Giants Nike NFL Jerseys 2012, to!”Aya shouted in excitement.
    I stop, flameout, pull the handbrake, lie in the steering wheel to sleep out.
    “Wake up, wake up!”Gehman pushed me awake, I found that I don’t know when sleeping in the back seat of the car, I look at the sky, “day not black, let me sleep will call me!”
    “You slept for almost 24 hours, still sleeping?”Gehman says.
    I rolled up, “not?”I felt a mobile phone, it is the very next day.
    Gehman took me off, “Lusanhan and Vesari are today held a small wedding, they prepared to hold, but heard that we want to go, I decide to let our wedding.

    I followed Gehman to the temple not far from a people centered, Lusanhan and Vesari’s wedding is the most simple, no procession, no host, guests and cheers, no dowry, ring, banquet.
    Lusanhan and Wei Shali love silently staring at each other, will use temporary wreath of flowers set on the other side of the neck, according to the India convention, so the bride and groom completely with each other.
    The only Aya and Vesari’s uncle and products provide the master, and I,Wholesale Pittsburgh Steelers Nike NFL Jerseys, Sugarman, Dawson, all added up to no more than 5 people.However,New York Giants Nike NFL Jerseys wholesale, our hearts will more than 100 blessing.
    Lusanhan and Vesari took seven steps forward together hand in hand, make no matter how hard, also want to reach old age.
    We do not bless them by applause, Aya is excited to seize Gehman sleeves, cry like tears.
    I glanced at Dawson, intuition.
    The wedding ceremony, we in a romp, let it to go through untold hardships to together in a new love to.
    Gehman said to Micah products provide with the master went to the temple to pay homage to.
    Our products provide the master came to the temple with Cana, this temple is internationalization, there are many foreign monks, there are many believers to live.

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