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    I snatched Gehman arms book, to Aya’s hand: “Miss, support oneself is very important!”Then, whether Aya the hacked my face, on the Sugarman waved her hand: “go, follow me upstairs to drink.”
    Gehman and I a man holding a bottle of beer, came to my room balcony.
    “The end of the season finished, what are you going to do?”I watched the Sugarman, the sunshine boys had been turned into blue boy.
    “You?There is going to?”Gehman asked me.
    I picked up the bottle and had touched, without thinking to answer him: “I’m going back to Asia to play the Chinese team World Cup qualifying, I have been urged to not, national team every two or three days call me back for all I, Chinese team after the match.

    Gehman nodded, eyes will not look: “I still hesitate, I wore nine years wolves jerseys, doesn’t know whether to remove it,” Gehman suddenly remembered something told me, “I signed Hawke as a broker, you don’t mind?”
    Mother!Hawke,NFL Jerseys cheap, this guy is always not to forget the money, my friends catch all in one draft, but just as well, so that I can have opportunity and had together.
    This also explains, in true had to consider a move.I have recently affected by the pressure is not small, believe that Gehman is, Harris has been listed in the club, I was completely replaced by the poster Dimitar Berbatov, although as the captain, but the game press conference, Mick used to also cannot let me attend, go to the player’s Dimitar Berbatov and Johnson.
    I and Gehman, in Wolverhampton Wanderers website in addition to player data, other US news have all disappeared, the club tried to downplay the we.
    I look at bantock Park shu-hai, finally to tell you goodbye, I said in my heart.
    “If you want to move it,” had suddenly opening, his fierce fill a gulp of wine, with a collar, and then sighed: “I want to go to the London side,NBA Jerseys cheap, at least,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Aya is reading the book over there, we will never be apart.

    I had nodded, again with his toast, some thing, since it is so, or drink.
    Between man, alone, but most can show mutual understanding of each other.
    The dinner, the final against Spurs into our topic.
    The final round, Chelsea to 88 points ahead of Manchester City 1, the League remained in the final, the blues again defending champion or blue moon Xiucheng Zhengguo, so there were many discussions. The two media, however, Abu and Mansoor two behind the big boss is the winner.
    Liverpool 80 points firmly sitting in third place, the Reds will be at Anfield Stadium against West Bromwich Albion’s match, farewell forever 8 Gerrard, allegedly, Liverpool fans are desperately wants the captain left the rally, the reason is – to play in the Champions League next season.
    A Senna and Manchester United two to fourth, the final Champions League place desperate fighting with United, leading 2 points 75 points last played against Everton, Arsenal and Wenger leading 73 points, after a round away game hits Blackburn.
    The media have speculated, eight years without a trophy for A Senna, the second half of the season only to play mostly European League, Arsenal fans to Professor angry said nothing, waiting for a stomach sulk.

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