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    May at this moment, the Macy’s eyes suddenly issuing out of a blue-black figure, Cordoba did not know when to come fill the seats, Lucio Although Harvey attracted Motta also Messi to buckle open Inter Milan Italy Narrator still exclaimed, it is extremely flexible, and his left foot in the whirl upward lift of the air out, even homeopathy stepped on the ball a bicycle!
    Cordoba Macy’s cycling Akira’s body to the right, Motta any connection with over two the person touches faint closed the situation.
    If another, this time may be forced shot, can Messi Barcelona over the years produced the best products, after all, especially his foot technology and flexible the center of gravity so that he is often able to do on the pitch many incredible action.
    Body to the right a dump, Messi seems to want to bypass from the right Motta lateral breakthrough may make in Motta body left moved the moment, Messi’s left foot has been summarized in the ball at the bottom!
    Ball fast up high re-leased, and then to draw an arc in the air, hurtled to the upper left corner of the Inter goal ………… lob!
    Cesar appear before the ball very steady hands the ball picked off Macy’s foot lob a sudden, you can also just hit a Barcelona’s most threatening striker, his every move, why would they pick over Cesar’s eyes?
    This season, 35 games in La Liga in Messi into 34 balls, eight ball into play 10 games in the Champions League, scoring 42 goals in 45 games, an omnipotent Messi How will Inter ignore?
    Cesar even think Messi threat this season than always also even more like the fabulous his personal characteristics but decided he could not like Messi as omnipotent, especially the two people in the physical fitness aspects clearly there is a gap that can not be ignored, scoring such a thing or easier for Balotelli many, but Messi soon twenty three years old, Balotelli still under twenty years old, the future success of the two people really hard to say who will in the end higher.
    bit is very good, I think this may be useful into ball! identity!

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