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    It was 1981 and the living was easy. Well, for us anyway. I’m sure the countless homeless and transient politicians weren’t having such an easy time,louboutin, but I remember the visit as a completely relaxed time.
    But-once again I digress.
    Statues of FDRs dog, Einsteins hair(with the rest of him also),buffalo, noble steads and even a hippopotamus stand proudly in bronze or stone, but nowhere was there a tribute to our finny friends.
    He did have a guy named SALMON Chase as his Secretary of the Treasury, so we can also safely say he was a supporter of SALMON!!
    2005 is very different in “the district”.
    Are you telling me that at no time in our nations history, not once, a worthy fish nor fisherman has earned the right to adorn our nations capitol??!!
    Seemingly, there is a memorial or statue for everyone and everything in DC.
    So how about it Mr,doudoune moncler. Carter–make sure that if they ever choose to erect a statue to you in Washington, it includes a five weight rod and a Rainbow Trout…
    Where is Cleveland, Arthur, Hoover, Carter or Bush? They should be shown smiling with a big stringer of trout by their side. Heck, Sonny Bono even has a plaque, the least they could do is stick a red herring statue out there somewhere,
    Author, writer of fishing humor,abercrombie, and “fly tack” peddler. A.J. writes about the people,characters and modern day events that surround the fishing world,Testing the Waters of Online Education Reasons to Give Dist. His first book is due out in December of 2005,Ready To Make Your Living Online.
    If you need a laugh or a fun gift, visit his website at:
    In Search Of Fish And Heroes In Our Nations Capitol > In Search Of Fish And Heroes In Our Nations Capitol by A.J. Klott

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    It is time we put a fish in Washington,louboutin pas cher.
    A national travesty.
    Actually, I didn’t really fly across the country to build a snowman-albeit a worthy venture-but to attend a training class for my real job,doudoune moncler, which OBVIOUSLY writing is not. While there, I took a little extra time and toured the DC area.
    The father of our country even made his living for a long while off of commercial fishing–but they stick a bronze of a freaking hippo up. How many hippos helped relax our embattled leaders during times of great crisis in this great country. Monica Lewinsky should have gotten a statue before that hippo got one!
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    Every great cause starts somewhere,, and if this has to be the time and place for this radical movement–so be it.
    Barricades and security checks everywhere, there is certainly an air of tension and distrust all about. Of course some will say there has always been an air of tension and distrust in DC.
    Obviously, the post 9/11 safeguards are necessary and I for one was only slightly miffed at the extra procedures that have to take place in order to insure everyones safety.
    A.J. Klott
    “The narrow and ill-conditioned people who snarlingly count all fishermen as belonging to a lazy and good-for-nothing class, and who take satisfaction in describing an angler’s outfit as a contrivance with a hook at one end and a fool at the other, have been so thoroughly discredited that no one could wish for their more irredeemable submersion.” – Grover Cleveland
    We could drive up to the base of the Lincoln memorial and “zip” up the steps and stand beneath the impressive hunk of rock that pays tribute to our 16th president. Incidently,, according to that bastian of accuracy–Wikipedia– Abe was never into hunting and fishing- even for food. Of course Encarta mentions he spent his youth fishing and walking in the woods, so I’m not sure we really know. Maybe he fished alot but set ’em free?
    I guess that makes him one of the original “catch and release” advocates.
    Besides,moncler, I like walking around the Smithsonian in my underwear.
    I just recently returned from our nation’s capitol.
    Is the salmon not worthy of overlooking congress and proclaiming it’s long and dutiful journey? Perhaps a rotting salmon would be a better representative of those who make decisions for us??
    Is it too much to ask for a single carp or catfish cast in bronze to give glory to the species that swam our waters and fed our explorers as we headed west? Or is the presence of “bottom feeders” in Washington hitting a little too close to home??
    Having last been there twenty-four years ago it was really interesting to note the changes and general feel to the area,Jeans For Work Or Sexy Jeans.
    So while you are out there saving the whales and doing your part to control global warming, rest assured that I will be doing my part to get the fishing world its long overdue proper respect.
    We all have our priorities.
    I would love to tell you I was there stumping for protection of rivers and fish habitat, but alas I was really there building a snowman in front of the Washington monument.
    Where are the statues depicting our great fishing presidents–doing what they enjoyed most?

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