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    Mourinho saw his team less than Jiugong, let his team recovered to some, but he did see that Inter Milan from the Italian catenaccio, this kind of good at ball defense for Barcelona adept at moving the opponent’s team effect is not very good but it is very effective, but the pursuit of offensive efficiency for Real Madrid this team ………… the lead snake out of its hole!
    Sure enough, 43 minutes, Benzema won once high aspirations for the single opportunity in the face of Cesar’s when he was not good at the ball of the left foot, he picked out his lob but was Lu Theo on the goal line to the top with the head back.
    Lucio top of the ball out, Cordoba put the ball kicked directly left at the foot of the Mata the fast and Juan Mata from the midline start all the way forward ball bolted away, along the way continuous breakthrough Higuain, Ozil, close to the bottom line in the left kick curveball bypassing Ramos the ball to the front of the Real Madrid left goal post.
    Ball fly over the defensive backbone Real Madrid Pepe has been the first rushed to the front, but he was not in a timely manner to dispose of the ball, but rather with the body stopped behind Balotelli, waiting for the Ka Xili The Jasz the ball directly Puzhu the.
    Pepe the intention of the original is yes, but ………… but he misjudged the horizontal distance between himself and Casillas!
    Misjudged how well behind him called Smaller watched this season in 45 games, has scored 47 goals in Ballot use of his left hand a bar Pepe, the body racked to the right a big step, his left foot forward poke out, and then he made use of his hands away from the ball to catch their big long legs Casillas There are more than a dozen centimeters when touched the ball with his left foot outside the instep!
    Balotelli just gently touched the ball, a change in the ball’s line, Casillas can no longer put the ball hugged the contrary, the ball flight line to one Shui hit him elbow homeopathic bomb into the goal …………
    After the goal, Balotelli also admitted to the feet and Casillas hit a bit, but he is very clear the ball into completely without any problems, get up and heading for a small Bernabeu stadium roaring block blue black bleachers ………………
    to only one shot even made a goal in the first half, which is really incredible!

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