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    Norwich ,the Serbia three heavy hit the basket .Already had 12 rebounds little continues to rage, Odom fully back behind take that rebounds .relationresultAt this moment,Zhang Jincai really feel that Odom says in the shark absence brush backboard is wise choice !He was fully activated the bully ,O and protect the basket ,he can transform into the magic bestial act recklessly and care for nobody to do what you want .
    relationresultThe sharkis very excited, Nash looked good, quickly got the ball to the sharks .Gasol is not a bit worried ,shark before his success rate is not high, not his imagination so powerful ,that dunk he think it shark the last radiance of the setting sun ,to save face .
    relationresultButthe shark greatly beyond the expect of people ,his hands grasp basketball ,exploratory recoil after, suddenly turned to jump directly to hook shot .relationresultImperceptibly,the sun will narrow the difference to 6 minutes ,offensive team between to cut ,always dazzling .
    relationresultTo seetheir team because sharks up for hours ,fans began restless ,Amare Stoudemire and sharks are waving his arms ,inciting fans make more noise .relationresultZhang Jinunmoved ,so long as has Kobe ,he can control the overall situation .
    relationresultOdom mentionedhigh single block, Zhang Jin to seize the opportunity to bypass the Amare basket fierce shark cut ,as large as the Boeing 747 body cross in front of the right corner of the eye ,Zhang Jin at Kobe run to the three line ,the ball off to his hands .
    relationresultBaer quicklyfollowed ,but Kobe chose to break ,he had to start the next lie painful journey ,just catch up ,Kobe stops to let him go away because of inertia .relationresultDeng ! , relationresultDonis it right? Because playing time is too long influenced the physical reason, Kobe did not hit the jumper .
    He took again get rebounds ,Zhang Jin quickly to Nash there to catch .relationresultBothreturned to positional warfare ,exciting shark again got Nash ,he still did just that trick ,huge body that Gasol can cover ,he moved in with a hook shot !relationresultThe scene atmosphere has reachedthe highest point since the opening ,as they saw the shark led the sun to the championship ,as cheerful as a lark .
    relationresultCalm down ,we have a four point lead ,the ball must be hit into ! Kobe rarely spoken, he asked Zhang Jin to make a sign ,meant to him to the ball .Just as the sun to arrange two individual bag ,Zhang Jin got the ball to the boss also secretly relieved .
    relationresultOver half,Odom still carried high pick-and-roll, Kobe had started, Zhang Jin homeopathic anti ran out ,Kobe attracts sharks ,Baer and Hill three people to make up for the empty basket .
    In the bottom corner of the long awaited Radmanovic finally got the ball ,Jianshibumiao Nash ,he rushed to shake ,but he did not shoot, but to throw a into !relationresultThe sunlane just calm down rivers longer bloody ,with a Jinmai Gbagbo SANA lightning step to reach the basket, sharks and little two monsters, giant hands over his head all the light .
    relationresultIn suchcircumstances of complete darkness ,23 flight to rookie head from shark waist stretched out ,hands the ball delivery of the past ,be he bullied for a long time Odom left the ball into the basket basketball nets ,hit loud at the same time ,a white network waves let everyone look spent an eye .
    relationresultJustto reach the boiling point of the atmosphere at a draught cooled ,luckily ,they have Nash .The Canadian is that passionate player ,although he has no black kind of tough physique ,but his run to make everyone mood is rising .
    relationresultMaybe,just the Lakers with the exquisite let him have been stimulated, he unexpectedly with weak body single-handed to undershoot in the basket !relationresultZhang Jin behind inthe chase, Odom and Gasol under the basket guard ,Kobe took over from the side make live only voids ,Canadians have cornered .
    .. … , relationresultHowever,he like to have one bottom corner back ,Kobe missed the Baer immediately shot !relationresultAflying up into the past ,but Baer didn to hand out .relationresultDeng ! , relationresultNotin !relationresultAll eyes were focusedto the basket ,a dark shadow 3-0 up ,single hand grasp basketball hard into the basket .
    relationresultI Stan Meyer AMA thunder !! , relationresultThe sitehosts shouting the name ,sharks and he begins to stride the overlord ,the scene atmosphere to warm up .relationresultKobeobserving all this ,quickly put the ball out .

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