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    It’s that time India had to run, and Dawson back to Britain after learning to drive, now had to have a skilled, he opened the car phone and Dawson maintained contact, while flying through the streets of london.
    All successful shortly.
    Now I’m behind came extremely jarring sound, Aya laughs very three eight, “green star, you big loss, Lin to protect us, go to an ugly kiss 5 minutes.”
    “Really?”Gehman music, “a detailed talk about it?”
    I turned the false beard to Aya away, “we are now doing business!Dead girl you talk, the first time for you to go home before it had to sample shall I describe?”
    “OK, OK, do the right thing, do not cause destruction to both sides.
    “Aya quickly hands under pressure, be calm.
    Wharton is a dirty look at me: “Hello, nausea, casually eat others slobber.”
    I thought that in the final analysis is not you?White eyes on her, sat back to his position.
    Things go well, we stopped a car in the corner, watching the police came, and armed police broke into a house.Soon after, the first to be brought out by a dozen Mafia bodyguard, it seems they illegally armed is not run away.
    Waiting for half an hour, more lights, ambulance sounds, and even the press came, the three bullies are scruffy clothes covering the head, hands were tied behind brought out.
    Wharton sighed, leaned heavily on the seat.
    Aya squeezed into the front seat with Gehman excitedly embrace, I was jammed in hurried off, go around back,Discount Nike NFL Jerseys, sitting in the back seat.
    “Good for you,” I get the finger poking Wharton shoulder, the whole thing, she was almost a person silently completed the entire program, such courage, even I couldn’t help but admire.
    In the face of such the most girls unacceptable pressure, Wharton chose to face independent black power, to his own ability to maintain a classmate, she could keep out of the affair, but involved, agile, bold and crafty.
    Hope everything is over now. “.”Wharton is looking out the window at night.
    Gehman to start the car, “I sent you to join us to celebrate and Dawson, another day.”
    I roll down the window, distant siren sound still call a non-stop, the singing in the dark, however, some wicked finally can not be still unpunished.
    Wharton’s voice suddenly sounded, “is really rich, carry more than 3000 pounds Shangjie,Cheap Eli Manning Nike NFL Elite Jerseys, tut.”
    I reached in pants bag, proved to be empty.
    Another look, Wharton is carrying my wallet watch.
    “You!”I was angry, “do you believe me now?”
    Gehman and Aya in front of laughing up.
    Bottoms up.The five of us in Ann Rees chafing dish store cheer,Cheap New York Giants Nike NFL Jerseys, warm atmosphere, of course you are suitable for chafing dish.
    “I asked the law school students,” Wharton said, “this that caused great concern and vibration, the court decided to adopt the more number of the verdict of the jury, not only convicted iron nail, and will be sentenced, as a warning to society.

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