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    I’m curious if anyone else is watching the H+ web video series on YouTube.

    H+ The Digital Series – YouTube

    The producer of this had been trying for years to get it into distribution. It has high production quality but I’m lukewarm on the few minutes per segment method of distributing it. They are releasing 2-3 episodes per week on Wednesdays. The writer has a reason for this but, to me, it’s more gimmicky than anything. He wants people to be able to reshuffle the presentation, as many episodes are available, to make up their own story line.

    What has amazed me about this particular production is that, due to the long effort getting it made, the visuals/interface methods that we all know as commonplace (touch, pinch, swipe, slide elements around) that appear within this series were created before the iPhone interface even existed. This person was way ahead of his time in the creative/writing aspects. They were desperate to get this distributed before those types of actions became outdated to the viewer, making it seem stale and boring.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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