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    Google and Sony are teaming up for an Australian GoogleTV release but it isn’t what we in the US know as Google TV. As the article notes…

    Apparently, according to the story, Google TV Australian-style has more to do with bringing the Internet to the television and less to do with putting television and the Internet on equal footing. That’s a little different than the U.S. model first proffered by Google in partnership with Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Intel (Nasdaq: INTC). That entailed building Android smartphone software into home entertainment gear “with a TV-friendly makeover,” the Australian story said.

    Read more: Google TV Australia a set-top box for Internet television – FierceIPTV

    Unfortunately, this smells of the 1996 WebTV. (Not sure how many here are old enough to actually remember WebTV). Long story short, WebTV died a slow, agonizing death. Yes, it was a first exposure to online services to the less-than-tech-adept crowd but it was never a very good product and spiraled down as Microsoft got involved.

    I’m just not sure the world is ready for another attempt. The original US GoogleTV was poorly designed and implemented. I don’t know why Australia is the target for this venture with the changed GoogleTV focus. My money is on yet another languishing failure. Google has made advances in many areas but their project sense seems to be so misdirected at times.

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