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    “They’re in there, my classmate Drake has the first generation of us in negotiations.”Dawson said.
    I refrain from anger, went.
    Dawson brought us into a corner, and half a year before I hit the man is a desk and a young man screaming.
    Young people loudly said: “money is no problem, but” absolutely not.”It is a friend of Drake dawson.
    I sit directly to the table: “I come, what is the directly to me and say.”
    A long-haired angrily: “you are also so cross?”
    Atmosphere can confront each other with daggers, I am ready to begin.
    Drake is busy quietly pulled me, for I, Gehman, Daomori said, “this is the whole can not find them.”
    Drake explained: “you know why Dawson was first Cou?”
    Dawson said.
    Drake said: “the month you get rid of the Czech sister, is that long hair sister.

    I see.
    Dawson went red in the face, thought a moment, said to me: “Wu, sorry.”
    I froze, anger about the lost, this is what and what.
    Gehman stepped forward, “Okay, that we have not wrong, say, how this will work hard to take.

    Mammoth: 10000 pounds, “hit the Chinese boy of three.”
    “OK.”I stopped Gehman said,Buy Discount Authentic CCM Quebec Nordiques Mats Sundin #13 Blue Stitched Jerseys Throwback Official Online, “go, I let you play.”
    The fist is the certain representative justice?Blindly punches can only lead to more complex situations, this is the lesson I learned.
    On the way back, abdomen is over three. Let me up, Sugarman and Dawson tried to stop, but in fact, this is the most simple solution, meaningless then complicated the matter.
    Although be hit,Discount Authentic Jeremy Ross Jersey Official Authentic, but I feel much more relaxed than you.
    I wanted to just go home and rest, but Dawson must adhere to take me to the hospital to check.
    “Wu, this is really my fault, I don’t know how to apologize to you.”Dawson is almost all the way to the guilt.
    I patted the shoulder between the brothers Dawson, what is there to say?
    “Your habit change bubble sister, you lost the number MM, later in the woman have equal losses.”Gehman began to tell his theory of causality.
    Doctor, I have no problem,Cheap 2012 Authentic Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys Official Store, can leave.
    “Dawson, you try to love a girl’s mind, and not to the body.”Before leaving, I said to Dao Sen, today the only sentence.
    Let him remember, this is I always hold to.
    Dawson moved for a long time, that he should seriously consider a back, go.
    Gehman pulled my clothes, “remember, a heart to me, or you do not clean day.”He waved his hand, also go.
    I walk alone in Wulf Hampton street, simply put the rest of the things are also addressed.
    I called Hawke, told I was called into the national team, Hawke said he would go to the national team to handle official documents issued by the wolves and other things, at the same time help me to return to China to play a friendly vacation.
    Wolves is in force, is not easy to leave, I really don’t bother yourself to run.
    I then phoned O Hara, goes to the Pfister lar beach surf boys need to prepare all the affairs of the sole threw to O Hara.

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