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    Is anyone else having issues with erratic Netflix availability on Apple TV very recently?

    I began watching House of Cards last Friday. The Netflix performance was great from Friday through Saturday. I attempted to watch more episodes Sunday evening and couldn’t get Netflix to work at all. It timed out and the Apple TV said it was unavailable. I switched to my Roku box and it was fine.

    I tried again on Monday. I was able to get into the Netflix app but not to any shows. Again, switched to Roku and it was fine.

    I tried Tuesday night and made it into the episodes but couldn’t play any. I got a ‘lease not obtained’ error message from the Netflix app. The Roku was again fine.

    This is an Apple TV 3 on wired ethernet on the same ethernet switch as the Roku. I restarted the Apple TV twice just in case it may have been an issue there. No difference.



    Downrightnow shows a massive Netflix outage yesterday:

    Is Netflix down? Check status and report outages at downrightnow

    I guess I’m not sure why the Apple TV couldn’t connect but, at the same time, the Roku could. Would it be likely that they use two different connections with Netflix?

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