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    Roar . Perhaps should be earlier to change him . Larry coach Brown promised to look at .relationresultLarrycoach Brown soon to do so, the game had just played less than three minutes ,Larry coach Brown will use O.
    J. Mayo was replaced by promise .Promise sank into a chair ,shut up eyes .relationresultWhat is the matter? Promise in your heart .relationresultLarrycoach Brown turned his head ,looked sitting on the bench in the promise .
    relationresultTo calm yourself, promise ! Larry coach Brown said to herself .relationresultalways think things before ? Promise in his own heart said , why should I stay in the memories ,but now in the race .
    .. … , relationresultHave a thing of the past, let it go, no matter how think are useless ,after all ,people must live in reality … … , relationresultAlthough the Houston Rockets this team took me nine years of NBA complex ,however ,the team is just an ordinary NBA teams only, is not that special .
    relationresultwhy should I stay in the memories ?relationresult,look forward !relationresultTonight ,and for one game !relationresultNow is now ,past is past … … , relationresultreality ,memories are memories .
    .. … , relationresultI am me … … , relationresultPromisewith open eyes .relationresultI am me… … , relationresultThink of here,promise he rose from his chair ,walked to the Larry Brown coach .
    relationresultCoach Brown ,I hope you can send me back to the pitch ,I want to play games ,I want to play a great match ! Promise firmly on Larry coach Brown said .relationresultLarry,coach Brown at promise ,with a small nod .
    relationresultThe child ,does not simply ,in less than a minute it completely calm ,psychological quality is really good ! Larry coach Brown said in his heart .relationresultAbout half a minutelater, Shawn ,DeRozan in defence when Kevin Martin fouled success ,Kevin Martin embarked on a line .
    In the first shot ,Toyota Center in buzzer rang .relationresultSubstitution ! Promise said in a loud voice ,at the same time points just foul DeMar DeRozan .relationresultFrom now on,promise wonderful performance finally started .
    relationresultThe starting point for the Chinese networkwelcome to read books ,the latest ,fastest ,most fire serial works to make the starting point of the original !relationresultThe 228Th chapter of the de Rakic �� ;relationresultUpdate time 2012-5-11 13:03:10 words: 3031 , relationresultAnyway ,Yao Ming predecessors have already retired, I no longer have the opportunity in the field of NBA and Yao Ming on the predecessors have played .
    But these are not likely to affect me ,because in any case ,I can only be me ,I only look forward ! , relationresultAspromised by Larry Brown the coach sent back on the court ,promised to mind the emergence of such words .
    relationresultAfter all ,only is the lack of the most perfect ! , relationresultAt this moment,that opponent ,the Houston rockets starting point guard Goran de Rakic to promise before, with a contemptuous look at the promises .
    relationresultTonight you look very bad ! Goran de Rakic said to a promise , so ,you just enjoy undeserved fame only, in fact very general !Since then ,why do you want to play, directly on the bench with have ! , relationresultYou little here to talk nonsense ! Promise coldly said to Goran de Rakic , if you do not take over his mouth ,I will let you die very ! , relationresultGoran de Rakicsmile smile .
    relationresultAlthough the bring it on ! Goran de Rakic said .relationresultIn fact,the Golan de Rakic to promise to speak, has his own capital .relationresultNear the end ofthe season in this period of time ,the de Rakic rockets in Houston original starting point guard Kell Lowry injury under the condition of sudden outbreak ,suddenly became the union another hot point guard ,let people vaguely remembered the Golan de Rakic in the playoffs .
    Edge Sanantonio Spurs team scene .Through Goran de Rakic outbreak ,the Houston rockets record also began to soar ,now very promising playoffs .relationresultIt is a pity ,you met me, you have been our Indiana pacers ! Promise coldly automatic speaking tract .

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