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    I walked in yearsWhen you feel your love without passion, might as well first review yourself, you for what have you done? Now the boring is also have your reason?

    How long have you send him a small gift? How long have you not for any reason kissed him? How long have you chat with him, speaking? How long have you ask him to

    dinner or see a movie? Don’t always think he is not love you, haven’t been careful, love will mature, love will also grow big, invariable love does not exist Now I

    know, just can touch will let me emotional The -It some time, we in the memory of shallow forget, perhaps, the youth time is so unbearable, to memory, we are unable

    to pick up The wind tangled another season of sadness, I in late summer to sing The –the city summer and far away, the city over the wind, the sorrow and the

    clouds with diffuse, covers the city of sadness But I do not have, only that feckless ran away” “You old at his side sway, isn’t it give your elder sister my point

    space?” “Look at this is he sent my

    penHello! The character! If not when the topic, “he running after me, and he likes me Messy, invisible to the

    afterlife, youth, do not understand the Millennium wound, but not to

    chant a wound, but unforgettable The world of a person, who can not understand, the world of a person, cannot see the future and more distant, always talk rubbish

    random thoughts heart is missing, I think, in the world, in addition to the memory, there is nothing better than the time let people forget The one you love, you

    have to the intentions to cherish him, he do for you bit by bit, not only thank him, want to remember in heart, often to think about

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    himIf this, will the parting song Fupao if no, if, would not be so sadI have always

    been a not easy to cry, because I think nothing worth my tears If he could not guess your thoughts also don’t angry, because in fact you don’t know his guess your

    thoughts with the long time to lose many brain cellsTherefore, love a person is like to listen to his childhood story, like to listen to him a few times was spared,

    listen to how he naughty to provoke disgusted, how is good at playing marbles or play “water beautiful”, to love a person is to can’t help for his remember a lot of

    the past However, this time, I can not say loveLove a person is in the dial phone suddenly

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    do not know what to say before we know that only want to hear tingna are familiar with the

    voice of the original really wanted to, only a string of their own hearts God really gave me a big joke Sometimes I meet some boys will have this kind of feeling,

    but I know these are not loveWhen the happiness in my heart Thought my youth will be how of puffed up, wild oats, arrogant and domineering, colorful Can’t assert

    their own advantages and disadvantages Not too many excuses, afraid there are too many coincidence In the summer, hot and humid, depressing and dullWhen everything

    slowly began to fade, the sketch also become a blank piece of paper when those hiding in the coffee house listening to You find me a long gentle clean and shallow

    for Love has long been not a trace But the old man immediately put the second shoe thrown out from the window, let the person surprise

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