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    Old Summer Palace was built in 46 years of Kangxi (1707), by the Yuanming, Changchun, Qi Chun Park three, an area of 5200 acres, of which the surface area of about 2100 acres, with more than 100 gardens landscape, building area of more than 160000 square meters, is the Qing Dynasty emperor in more than 150 years to create and operate a large Royal palace.
    It inherits the China three thousand years of traditional arts, both the court building and garden, and south of Yangtze River euphemistic scene,real jordan websites, at the same time, he absorbed the form of landscape architecture in Europe, the different styles of landscape architecture com.
    , in the overall layout makes people feel perfect harmony.Old Summer Palace with its huge area, create outstanding craftsmanship,real jordans, beautiful view of the construction group, rich culture collections and the broad and profound culture connotation and renowned in the world, known as “all gardening art model” and “garden of gardens”.
    Old Summer Palace in 1860 October by the Anglo-French allied forces savage plunder burned, eventually reduced to ruins,here are surprise.From the Old Summer Palace was destroyed 150 years after the middle of November, learn in Tsinghua training last day at noon, I was visiting the old summer palace,jordan retro 11.
    Time is too limited, from Qi Spring Garden Palace into the garden, Geng is rented a speech explaining, headed for the western building area.Follow the voice on, listen to clap, feel 150 years ago people exquisite art creativity, perception of the Old Summer Palace prosperity and pain.
    Stepped right in front of the main gate of the scenic area of western building, is the site of the harmonic feature, when a heap of ruins of greet, blood as a surge to the top of his head, tears filled the eyes, photos,red jordan 5 for sale, I also around the road,here are surprise, could not bear to trample the incomplete and desolate stones.
    I think, this should be as descendants of people the true embodiment of feelings.Below, let the yellowing photograph to tell the Old Summer Palace Gardens area once beautiful brilliant.The building is our first built in imitation of a European gardens, from the harmonic Trolltech, yellow array, the aviary, square appearance, hall of national peace, Yuan Ying Guan, the Great Fountain, water, mountain view line, line method of drawing more than 10 Western-style buildings and courtyards, covering an area of about 110 hectares.

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