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    A forensic software company has collected files on a million Canadians who it says have downloaded pirated content.
    Logan said while last week’s court case involved only 50 IP addresses, his company is involved in another case that will see thousands of Canadians targeted in a sweep aimed at deterring Internet users from illegally downloading movies and other digital content.

    Company collects data on millions of illegal downloaders in first step to crack down on piracy in Canada

    One of these kinds of companies is located about 15 miles north of me. They get hired by one intellectual property owner or another to hunt down online distribution of their property.

    In the case of this article, they were looking for downloaders of this movie and only came up with 50 IP addresses:

    Recoil (2011) – IMDb

    Not exactly a big budget or big name movie. (Only one ‘actor’ I have a clue who they are.) Apparently, what they lacked in the box office they’re trying to make up for in fines.

    I find it interesting that Canada caps non-commercial damages at $5000. That’s a far cry from the case judgements that have been handed out in the U.S. under the DMCA.

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