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    This time Marco Branca did little to Tottenham Hotspur chairman deal now, between two people is like old friends know, meet Marco Blanca opened arms made with Daniel Levi hugs.
    Keep the head of the Tottenham Hotspur chairman Mr.
    hands out again and again to deny, a face forced smile said: “Marco, you asshole. Not this time and watch my team which player?If this is not the case, but we can sit down and have a cup of!”
    Daniel Levi on the Marco Blanca working ability is to enjoy, but this guy just pry away their team’s core Luka Modric ah, Daniel Levi to Milan for international purchase offer was the message through the scrambled to play, the results are only wait for Real Madrid with Mehmet Ali Sahin plus fifty million euros here, he was thinking not to respond to Real Madrid offer, there Marco Blanca has been completed and for signing, the efficiency that he completely lost to Derich deal to hold, for who can not be in again faced with Marco Branca when there is a good mood.
    “Oh, Daniel, I am certainly not to buy you a team player, I just wanted to thank you, but your team just income Wuqianwubaiwan euro, you should celebrate it!”
    Listen to Marco Branca said he not also see their team’s players, Daniel Levi suddenly relax, face with a smile: “Oh, then we sat down for a drink!When is.
    ………..Well, to celebrate our cooperation a pleasant one!”
    Tottenham Hotspur now is really not sell people, they just recently two years with the impact of the top four strength, sell a Modri want to buy from other teams were added, if again by Marco Branca and whose words would be in trouble, Daniel Levi or know his shortcomings, that is when Tottenham Hotspur player after a sharp rise, which if the club would pay the price for it, he will not bite were let die.
    “A pleasant cooperation!”
    “In order to Tottenham and international friendship!”
    Marco Branca and Daniel Levi really sat down and drank a cup, after Daniel Levi laments: “Hey, Marco, your

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