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    Moratti had such a large sum of money does not calculate, international Milan player salary standard also is very well controlled, with the exception of Schneider holding a four million seven hundred thousand euro top pay, only David Silva, Aguero, Ma tower three salaries of more than four million euro, Montolivo, Balotelli in three million to four million between, Sanchez, Milito, Jiakepa Cordoba,,, in two million to three million, the others all is a about one million salary only, even David Thornton this holding $one hundred thousand ultra cost-effective player.
    With Chen Chao constantly cleaning old star, reduce the number of first team players, international Milan pay less, while the player’s quality is greatly improved, the overall battle efficiency did not decrease but improved greatly, which makes the international Milan now every year can have large transfer fee to transfer the market to buy star.
    Can say, now the international Milan has embarked on a virtuous cycle of the healthy development of the road, and Moratti knows it all started with Chen Chao, now is Chen Chao came to the Milan in third years, Moratti would talk to Chen Chaoqian for a length of about, he hoped that Chen Chao can become the international Milan Ferguson, this will make international Milan like united into a long and prosperous stage.
    But “Mo ‘” heart is also a concern, Chen Chao and his staff up to twenty million euros yearly salaries don’t dare to let Moratti and Chen Chao sign about, because then if Chen Chao led the performance decline, Milan international financial pressure will increase a lot.
    Many worries and concerns exist, only Moratti can now not to think about that, he is now enjoying the money at Tottenham Hotspur brought a sense of achievement!
    International Milan fifty million euros for Tottenham Hotspur hesitated for three days, it responded: “we in order to train Modri spent many painstaking effort and energy, we have his time spent thirty million euros, fifty million euros.
    ………..We can’t accept.”
    See Tottenham Hotspur this reply, Moratti laughed, it was Tottenham Hotspur surrender before the last struggle, who develop a star out the effort and energy?You Tottenham Hotspur says so, nothing but is wants to asking for more money!
    Moratti hired Marco Blanca, gave a new directions: Wuqianwubaiwan euro, final offer!
    Marco Blanca at this time in London, was sold to the Rome team after the race, he knew he had to try various devices to bring Modri to inter Milan, at least the transfer transactions must not because they hold tight enough failed, or he and “devil Chen” will be a gap between, and now the “devil chen”.
    ………..The international Milan Jesus christ!It’s even “Mo ‘” to give strong coach!
    So Marco Blanca in to the president of Milan the latest indication, he immediately to the Tottenham spurs handed

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