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    “You don’t understand what is India.”Gehman shook his head, “if you want to see the palace, at home to have a look around the scenery is good, why so far?”
    “Do you have any ideas?”I asked gehman.
    “Two days in Delhi play as you wish,” had said, “then come with me to the ashram.

    “The ashram?”I and Dawson out question mark.
    “If you want to see the scenery, India is not a good choice, to the India,Discount MLB Jerseys, mainly in order to open your heart.”Gehman began not to the point.
    Dawson was very annoyed to scratched face, continue to had about it, I had to be the peacemaker to persuade them each to step.
    Finally, the results are discussed in the Delhi – Jaipur (powder city) – Jodhpur (blue city) – Jiulu (Gehman destination station).
    After a long flight, I finally arrived in East Asia, which for half a month, I was in jambudvipa land near around,Cheap Boston Red Sox MLB Jerseys Free shipping, now it finally fell on the ground in India.
    Gehman and Dawson although one backpack is go to the battle-front without any burden, but during the long flight, or call back tired.
    “The plane I was back pain.”Dawson said.
    “My foot on the ground is rotating.
    “Gehman says.
    I am white their two eyes: “I don’t speak good?”
    Dawson patted me on the shoulder, “so we treat you, look at you, what all need not take, more easily.”
    New Delhi Airport I unexpectedly beautiful, clean.
    In the history of the rumors, India is dirty, random, poor pronoun.
    The lobby of the airport, a few Buddhist copper hand hanging above the exit, especially attract sb.’s attention.
    Gehman and Dawson are ready, they find a taxi booking computer, are booking ticket.
    At India airport, you can rent an appointment with computer input stroke, booking car, including the charge of what be ready, and then go out and sit, very convenient.
    I looked at the luxurious airport hall, many tourists buy something here, against the rupee (the currency of India).
    “No exchange of rupees?”I asked them.
    Dawson took hold of me, whispering in my ear and said: “what India is dark, the airport here in your death, the rupee exchange less.”
    Gehman waved to us, “go, the car is coming.

    Out of the airport hall, heat wave came, the sun suddenly let me understand Indians dark skin, taxi, is more free sauna.
    Gehman in the front row and the driver said nothing, Dawson took out sunscreen started with, the mouth is also proud of: “Luckily I was ready,” then, he asked me, “you do not wipe wipe?”
    I thought the old man wiped something strange, but when you in this hot, dry climate, like should defense, I haunt.
    “Look,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, here is the gate of India.”Gehman pointed to an open square, a huge Shimen, Shimen above, can see the “INDIA stone”.
    India gate, similar to the one in the day according to the door, in India, can be used to distinguish between New Delhi and New Delhi, like Brazil, New Delhi is the rich and the poor of the poles.

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