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    Chen Chao Oh smile: “since no one thinks that they are not up to my request, so…………I am honored to tell you, starting from today until the new season arrives, you will be living in an abyss of hell, and, because you are the first team in the old team member, you must give the B team and youth team as an example the boy out, at least you will not be the kid is down, otherwise words.
    ………..It is proved that you do not meet, you will be more outstanding player replaced, you’re out, then…………Don’t blame me not gracious!Now, you tell me, I can complete the task?”
    Speak up!
    “– to –“
    “Can I ask?”
    “– to –“
    “Those who the young boy?”
    “– to –“
    “Ha ha ha, good!Good!Good!”
    Chen Chao laughed and said: “this is the one I want to see the team!Rest assured, you guys want it, I will let you get, honor, money, champion!Oh, yes, forgot to say one thing, the Bilbao athletics previous captain option seems to be to see qualifications?But my team in general are not such, I was looking for.
    Athletic Bilbao players a stunned with open mouth, many people still consider the age and seniority, not linked to it, can be thought they would understand that this is not the same thing, before the team captain on the field who is older than he yeste, players must hit the substitution, or is even the bench cannot go in, the team captain is Guerpeiji No.
    two, No. three, Captain elouera, which is in accordance with previous first team players qualified decision, the older players a chance too little, also do not dispute the Captain Captain, but now Chen Chao is so adjusted, appears to the team a captain, Captain, two did not change, but No.
    three captain had not elouera, but…………Iraizoz!
    The players heart abacus understand, all people all turned to see to the right guard elouera, which face no change, but everyone to believe that he is definitely not good mood.
    But Chen Chao did not seem to see it, smiling and laughing and said: “well, Asipazu and von DCDC has led B team and youth team players, you guys is the new season first team all Athletic Bilbao player, I hope you can hang together, and then.
    ………..To go to hell!Ha ha ha ha…………”
    Chen Chao laughing, B team supervisor Asipazu, youth team manager Feng DCDC already took ten players to a team’s training ground on the edge, Chen Chao said they did not hear, but sixteen first team players suddenly think, this “devil Chen” than Real Madrid in the be arrogant, but there appears to be little.

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